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Brazil, Fazenda Rainha

Brazil, Fazenda Rainha


Brazil | Yellow Bourbon | Pulped Natural | Fazenda Rainha | Altitude 1150-1350m


Flavor Notes: Chocolate, nuts and tree bark.

Optimized for: Espresso, moka pot and Turkish coffee.


In Brazil, the most common variety of coffee is Yellow Bourbon, whose fruits really have a yellow color.

Raina, the farm where our coffee comes from, processes the coffee beans using the Pulped Natural method, which greatly enhances Brazilian coffee.

This method is reminiscent of "honey" processed coffee, but the main difference is that the entire fruit layer (pulp) remains on the bean before its drying, only the peel is removed.

The coffee has a very balanced taste and tends to be bitter along with subtle sweetness and a bit of sourness.


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